Onze kernwaarden zijn Ondernemerschap, Samenwerken, Duurzaamheid en Plezier.


Bouvy de Brie Capital is opgericht door Paul de Brie en Arthur Bouvy. Wij hebben beiden onze sporen verdiend in het financieren, leiden én transformeren van ondernemingen, zowel als directeur en toezichthouder. Onze kracht ligt in onze kennis, kunde en netwerken.

Wij zijn vooral deskundig in het transformeren, financieren en herkapitaliseren van ondernemingen in de breedste zin van het woord vanuit een gezonde kritische houding over de prestaties van ondernemingen. Hierbij kijken wij zowel naar de sector, onderneming, en ondernemer als naar de financiële criteria zoals liquiditeit, solvabiliteit en toegevoegde waarde. Al deze factoren moeten goed zijn, of potentie hebben.



Arthur Bouvy

Arthur has more than 15 years of experience in the banking sector, together with a vast experience in fast moving consumer goods. After several years of working within Unilever’s Ice cream and frozen foods division in various financial functions, he changed his career into banking. He worked in both private and business banking, and for many years lead the changes necessary in banking as director of one of the cooperative banks in Holland. He was involved in several private equity deals, management buy ins and outs. Arthur has held and still holds various non-executive positions. Inspired by the many companies he dealt with as a banker, he founded Bouvy de Brie Capital together with Paul de Brie.

Arthur’s expertise lies with simplifying complex problems. With this he manages to inspire people and move teams into the right directions. A strong analytical mind that separates major from minor issues, always keeping the end target in mind. He has a vast experience in transition management. He has a sound banking mind for risks, but perhaps even more the entrepreneurial ability to see opportunities. He prefers taking the first step over extensive planning.

Arthur is educated at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and several other leading European business schools (London Business School, IESSE Barcelona, HEC Paris). He holds a bachelor of science in business studies and a master of science in strategic management.


Paul de Brie

Paul has 22 years of experience in the financial sector. He has specialized in finance, restructuring, risk and change management. He worked in both (corporate) business support, risk management and business banking. In all these roles the main theme has been designing and leading intensive organizational and financial changes. As a CFO CRO of one of the cooperative banks in holland he was involved in different business recovery cases. Inspired by this experience he founded Bouvy de Brie Capital with Arthur Bouvy.

Paul’s expertise lie with a good sense of intuïtion towards the detection of business problems, problem analysis from different angels and defining practical solutions: including organizational and financial restructuring and behavioral perspectives. He knows how to create and implement new strategies and business cases. He uses his ability to connect to people to inspire them. He focuses on the main goals achieving those through a good planning, believing less is more. 

Paul is educated at Groningen University, the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and leading European business schools (London Business School, IESSE Barcelona and IMD in Laussane). He holds a bachelor of science in business studies, a master of science in financial and organizational management and a post graduate in controlling.